Administration/Finance/Coordination Wing



i) Establishment matter relating to gazetted /non-gazetted  employees (BS-1 to BS-22), i.e.    appointment/promotion/transfer etc.

ii) Matters regarding hiring of residential accommodation of  employees (Officers/Officials) of main Ministry

iii) Preparation and maintenance of Service Books of officials

iv) Disciplinary cases under E & D Rules, 1973, Government Servants Conduct Rules, 1964.   

 v) Cases of honorarium of Officers/Officials of Ministry of Professional Technical Training

vi) Appeal/Service Tribunal cases of BS-1 to BS-22  

vii) Declaration of assets of officers/officials of M/o Education and Trainings (Main Ministry)
viii) Delegation of administrative powers.

 ix) Creation and continuation of Posts of officers and officials 

 x) Distribution of Work

 xi) Circulation of general office order, directive of Minister/Secretary/Additional Secretary/Joint Secretaries regarding discipline & punctuality.

 xii) Re-organization of various wings of M/O Education and Trainings as and when required.

 xiii) Maintenance of performance evaluation reposts/ACRS of officer/officials of Main Ministry M/o Education and Training.  

xiv) Policy matter relating to general administration/establishment.         

 xv) All cases of local and foreign training seminars, deputation and visits/tours abroad etc. in respect of officers/officials of  Education and Trainings.    

 xvi) Nomination of officers/officials for NIPA and Secretariat Training Institute etc.  

 xvii) Grant of GP Fund advance, Motorcar, motor cycle, cycle and house building advances and maintenance of accounts in this regards.
xviii) Preparation of pension cases, final payments of GP Fund, group insurance and benevolent fund.

SECTION OFFICER (General/Protocol)

  i) Procurement of stationery, and other Misc items  maintenance and Photo copy machines etc.

 ii) Purchase, repair and maintenance of office furniture, maintenance of  office buildings.

 iii) Purchase, repair and maintenance of machines/equipment etc.

 iv) Maintenance and repair of staff cars and motorcycles. 

 v) Circulation of general office orders, directives of  Minister/Secretary/Additional  Secretary/Joint Secretaries   regarding  protocol duties, meeting clearance. 

 vi) Installation and disconnection of official telephones and    maintenance  of accounts   in respect thereof.

vii) Gazette of Pakistan.

viii) Issuance of summer/winter uniform to the entitled class-IV employees

 ix) Arrangements of meetings and seminars etc.

 x) Office accommodation for the main Ministry and repair.

 xi) Supervision of R & I Branch. Late/night duty arrangements.

xii) Maintenance of WEBSITE and Network Administrator.

SECTION OFFICER (Budget/Cash & Accounts/DDO)
i) Demand for grant- Ministry of Education & Trainings.

ii) Demand for grants of all Autonomous/ Attached Departments. 

iii) All accounts matter in respect of all grants/departments of the Ministry, including monthly/quarterly statements, watching reconciliation, appropriation of   accounts, audit  observations, draft paras, public accounts committee and their follow up.

iv) Foreign exchange budget of the Ministry of Education & Training.

v) Demand for grants- Other expenditure of the Ministry .

vi) Handling of cash, disbursement of salaries, preparation of bills, budget of the main Ministry, actual expenditure register, settlement of audit objections, appropriation,re-appropriation and reconciliation.

vii) Grant of house rent and conveyance allowance to the staff of Education & Training.

viii) General coordination including exchange matters.

SECTION OFFICER (Council/Coord/Legal)

i) Focal person/Coordination work among sections.

ii) Implementation of President/Prime Minister’s Directives/Cabinet Decisions

iii) Coordination/Liaison in respect of Government instructions, circulars etc. received from various Ministries/Divisions 

iv) Periodical returns/reports to be furnished to various quarters.

v)  Secretaries’ Committee meetings – supply of material.

vi) Compilation of Year Book.

vii) War Book

viii) Matters relating to Services Book Club.

ix) National/Civil Award 

x)  Population Census.

xi) Library.                                          

xii) Record Room

xiii) Any other matters that may be assigned by the higher authorities.

xiv) Overall coordination of court/litigation cases. 

xv) References from Law & Justice Division/courts regarding cases pending trial in different courts.

xvi) Miscellaneous petitions received from the President/ Prime Minister Secretariat.

xvii) All matters relating to National Assembly/Senate work and issuance of Security Passes/duty passes of officers/officials gallery cards etc.

xviii) All matters relating to National Assembly and Senate Standing Committees. 

ACCOUNTS OFFICER  (Finance & Accounts/PAC/DAC)  

i)  Maintenance of accounts and their timely reconciliation with actual of the Audit Department and maintenance of liability registers in the Ministry, its Attached

Departments and subordinate offices and to watch the progress of the expenditure and receipt and furnishing monthly figures of departmental expenditure to Financial Adviser attached to the Ministry.

ii)  Coordination and internal scrutiny of the budget estimates of receipts as well as expenditure of the Ministry, its attached departments and subordinate offices including, Budget Orders and New Item Statements in accordance with the “Budge Call Circular” from the Finance Division and proposals for additional funds to be metout of Supplementary Grant.

iii) Audit reports on the accounts of MET and its attached  departments/sub- ordinate   offices. 

iv)  Material for Departmental Accounts Committee/ PAC relating to MET and its attached departments/Sub-ordinate offices.

v) All work relating to Public Accounts Committee and audit observations on appropriation accounts and ensuring compliance with the Committee’s observations/recommendations.

vi) Settlement of audit objections,

vii)  To exercise internal check on irregularities, waste and fraud provided in Para-13 of GFR in respect of Main Ministry & attached departments /organizations.

viii) To ensure compliance of all other rules and orders contained in the Treasury Rules, General Financial Rules and instructions issued by the Finance Division from time to time.