Technical & Vocational/Development Wing

Technical & Vocational/Development Wing

Section Officer Technical Training (SO-TT) 
i)          National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) 

ii) National Training Bureau (N.T.B)/ Skill Development Councils (SDCs)

iii)    IUT Dhaka

Research Officer (DEV)

i)          Preparation, processing and finalization of PSDPs/ADPs working papers for the Secretary for review, Priorities Committee and Annual Plan Coordination Committee.

ii)    Scrutiny of PC-Is, PC-IIs and Concept Clearance papers of the development projects. Preparation of working papers for the DDWP/CDWP and ECNEC and processing with competent forums.

iii)         Scrutiny of PC-Is and concept clearance papers of foreign aided projects and processing with competent forums.

iv)         Convening of the meetings of the Departmental Development Working Party and preparation of minutes.

v)            Re-appropriation of funds and supplementary grants in the ADPs.

vi)          Preparation of Summaries/Note for the Prime Minister, Minister and Secretary on PSDPs.

vii)        Review of PSDP on-going projects at the level of Secretary, P&D Division and Review Group. Preparation of Working Papers/briefs.

viii)       Monitoring of on-going projects. Preparation of monitoring reports and follow-up action on compliance.

ix)        Collection of project information on PC-III and PC-IV and PM-I and PM-II Performa for monitoring and review purpose.

x)         Coordination with agencies with regard to National Assembly, Senate Questions, Resolutions, Motions and Cut Motions relating to development projects.

xi)        Scrutiny of quarterly release cases before submission to Finance Division (F.A’s Organization).

xii)       Release of quarterly funds to the projects from ADP.

xiii)    Issue of NISs of development budget.

Deputy Chief

    Supervision/ Monitoring of PSDP ongoing project as well as coordination with PD&R Division

IT Specialist

    Supervision of IT  Server Room and all IT related matters of Ministry of FE$PT

Research Associate

      Monitoring of PSDP ongoing project as well as coordination with PD&R Division